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Walvis Bay Namibia

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Construction work on the new port in Namibia to help exportation of commodities and importing of fuel in southern African states, will begin next...

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Floating Kitchen by Alno

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The traditional kitchen has now been replaced with modern contemporary kitchens offering value of time and space. The kitchens and bathrooms are now attracting...
Nobilia Kitchens

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For almost 70 years, nobilia kitchens have stood for up-to-date, custom design, outstanding brand quality and an attractive value for money. With sales of...
Wettech Plants

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Wastewater treatment is important to ensure availability of water for communities and cleanliness of environment. More than ever before, urban environments need more wastewater...



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Equinox family-Intro

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This year at CEDIA, Vantage, the leader in lighting-centric integrated control systems for luxury spaces, announces five offerings for this year’s show: an addition...
Steam Boiler, Atlas Copco Rental

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Rand-Air, part of the global Atlas Copco Group, has introduced an innovative and economical steam boiler to local industry.  The new Atlas Copco steam...


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Like all technology driven industries, the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) sector is highly dynamic and responsive to changes in technology, consumer tastes...
Mark Peterson

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Mere mortals see only visible light, whereas security cameras can see both visible and infrared (IR) light. Many light sources including the sun create...

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Construction accounts for a major part of the South African economy. Unlike other emerging markets, the South African construction and infrastructure industry has struggled...