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Borehole Masters Group
Borehole Masters Group
We are leading and registered drilling contractor in Kenya dealing. We have undertaken various contracts for drilling water, exploration, monitoring and dewatering boreholes in Kenya. Our 6×6 and 4×4 vehicles allow us to access the most rugged and difficult of terrains.

Borehole Masters Limited has developed a distinct reputation in manufacturing, installation, servicing of pumps, manholes, steel tank and tower; and providing services like: hydro geological surveys, water well drilling; pump installation, both in consultation, supervision and contracting.

It has talented teams that bring diverse experience, fresh perspective and originality; combined with exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary attention to construction detail; the results speak for themselves. According to Director, Joseph Kioi, he is in this venture to provide complete solution not only for the best price, ease of operation and value but also on the best quality. Furthermore, extensive experience, passion coupled with comprehending challenges has precipitated the company to grow tremendously.
Additionally, the firm keeps a wide variety with ex-stock tools and boosts of its qualified support staff with experience and market know-how capacity coupled with a brilliant engineering team that is equipped with the latest technology. “We are also available at a short notice in urgent situations and we can move to remote areas thanks to our modern 6×6 trucks. Our 6×6 vehicles allow us to access the most rugged and difficult of terrains,” he added.

Borehole Masters has the latest borehole drilling technology and machinery which are capable of core drilling, symmetric drilling and geotechnical drilling in various underground formations, diameters and depths. The rigs are portable and can access very hard to reach areas. The company has worked in a number of projects within and outside Kenya, and has the necessary resources and expertise to tackle jobs of different kinds.

As he attests,” the main cost of drilling borehole is largely dependent on the depth and amount of casing that the borehole will require. The type of rock (Geology) that we have to drill through does have some influence as well as the actual ground conditions. Many people think that the easiest way to drill a borehole is through the soft and loose geologies. However, this is not the case, in fact, the opposite is true. Drilling soft and loose geologies is made more difficult if the hole is collapsing due to the ground being loose and unstable. We use many different methods to prevent this phenomenon from occurring, including use of drilling fluids and additives as well as the installation of temporary steel casing. All these factors add up in the overall cost of a borehole”.

Besides, the firm works closely with its clients; confirming this Mr. Kioi says, “We do site survey before we start the process of drilling. This helps us to know site location as we advise the clients accordingly. Furthermore, site survey enables us to come up with suitable quotation”. Being in the fore front of the industry’s development, Borehole Masters works closely with other professional organizations like KWIA (Kenya Water Industry Association), WARMA (Water Resource Management Authority, and the Kenya Water Institute (KEWI) in support of international development goals in the construction industry. Moreover, the firm adheres to regulatory measures for health and safety to the environment. “We work jointly with NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) this ensures we maintain a green environment as the world advocates for it,” he points out.

“All of these qualities enable us to execute successfully winning business strategies that result in the firm being able to offer unparalleled service to our clients,” he intensifies. Additionally, in accordance with Mr. Kioi, the company is dynamic since it is open to work anywhere in East Africa. “We are also available on short notice in urgent situations and we can move to remote areas,” he adds. Furthermore, honoring project timelines and offering personalized has enabled them to secure business all over the country, in this competitive field.

Since its inception, the firm has successfully undertaken several works for various clients ranging from government and institutional facilities to private and commercial clients; they have a large database of satisfied clients. “We get most clients from referrals. This confirms that the market has confidence in our services,” affirms Mr.Kioi.

Borehole Masters Offices are located in Kikuyu town, Muguku Business Centre, 4th floor.
0717252135 or 0735840796
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