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Gearnet Kenya Limited
Gearnet Kenya Limited
Gearnet Kenya Limited has earned the niche of being the extensive designer, fabricator, installer, and distributor of commercial kitchen equipment, Laundry Machine and Stainless steel fabrication, Mechanical ventilation, repair and maintenance and supply of spare parts for the same machines. With aim of providing a complete solution to the demands of hospitality industry and processing industry, the firm has lived up to its corporate values and reputation.

With over 4 years of craftsmanship experience, Gearnet Kenya Limited also offers customization of stainless materials using advanced equipment to manufacture products in every kitchen equipment, Food processing machineries and Milk processing plant and machineries. “We guarantee that every customized product is technically and exclusively designed and fabricated to ensure optimum satisfaction. With our complete package, from planning and design, production, and installation to after sales, preventive maintenance services, and project management, it is assured that clients get what they expect, need and deserve. We are all ways ready and willing to ensure that if given a chance, then we shall work diligently at competitive rates and provide clients with the very best of our co-operation and quality service as our first priority to all customers.

“To meets the demand we have expand our horizons of business to Milk Cooling Plant, CIP System, ATM Milk Dispenser, Stainless Steel railing & Refrigeration System, besides, the firm works jointly with international manufacturers. Confirming this Mr. Antony AGOK Technical Director says, Gearnet Kenya has been authorized by Valmet and Fanafel ltd as a sole distributor of all their products in East Africa region. This is to ensure the company achieves its goal of being a more complete supplier of kitchen and laundry products for both residential and commercial installations.
Furthermore, they have trained site technical teams who understand their products and have hands-on experience using proven techniques. According to Mr. AGOK, in addition to providing service/products, the firm offers a number of technical services to customers from time to time to ensure proper corrective measures in all maintenance cases.

Besides, the firm works jointly with other world renowned equipment manufacturers for both Industrial laundry machines and commercial kitchen equipment. Which includes: Image Laundry Machines for Image washer , Dryers, ironing, Alliance Laundry Machines for primus washer, primus dryer and primus irons, Firbermatic machine for firbematic dry-cleaning, Pony Machine for steam press, Dry press and steam ironer , Grandpianti for calendar rollers washes and dryer and Tolka Machine for Smatex washers, Dryer, ironer.

Additionally Gearnet Kenya has collaborated with other manufacturers like: Chobre Professional Kitchen equipment, Modular professional from Italy, Dynamic link system, Eloma catering equipment, Falcon food service equipment Furnotel kitchen Manufacturer and shinelong kitchen equipment; Valmet Funfel Ltd from Portugal as a sole distribution for their laundry products such as Ironing belts, feeder belts, conveyors belts, stream press covers, paddings, waxing powdered, and adhesive grip tape. Sun Engineers and Shiva Engineers both from India for products of evaporator, mango pulp processing machinery and pulp, filling and packaging plant among other products.

The firm values teamwork, innovation, reliability, speeds and, above all, it has a passion to help clients. Each of their products is designed purposefully with their clients in mind. Gearnet Kenya aims to be the most affordable and reliable company in East Africa, in providing laundry solutions, Kitchen Equipment, and supply of industrial machineries. “We strive to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence in our service and products by consistently providing high quality service, maintaining high level of flexibility and maintaining competitive pricing,” he affirms.

Additionally, the firm works closely with the clients; confirming this, Mr. AGOK, says, “Our dedicated team of technical sales representatives spends time identifying the specific needs of each project. We maintain our mission of becoming the first reliable solution provider in laundry repair services, commercial kitchen equipment and Stainless steel fabrication. This has enabled us to execute some good valued orders acknowledging our interest (business) in service contracts such as commercial, institutions kitchens, restaurants and coffee shops”.

Garment Kenya has managed to grow its decent data base each year from institution facilities, private, government and commercial clients such as LTI Kazkazi Beach, Reef Hotel Beach and Neptune Hotels all in Mombasa, Dusit Hotel, EKA Hotel, Tune Hotel, Hill Park, La- Maison royale both in Nairobi . Kisumu Hotel, Marianta Camp Masaii Mara , Leisure Mara, Karatina University and Metropolitan Hospital, Nemle Resort and Snow Laundry and Drycleaner South Sudan, Ledger Bahari Beach and Hayat hotel in Tanzania.

Mr. AGOK urges the investors to concentrate on the quality than on the price of equipment. “Check the availability of spare part and durability of equipment before committing to buy any equipment,” he advises. However, like any other industry Mr. AGOK laments that, “some clients are ignoring professionals’ advice in this industry. Seek professional advice before buying any equipment; they know the right machine for a specific job. As he explains the number of rooms or beds is what determines the kind of drier to be used either an electric machine or boiler machine.

The firm is located at, off- outer ring road and its core belief is to supply commercial kitchen equipment, industrial laundry machines, stainless steel fabrication and electro-mechanical engineering services.
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