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Carandina Srl
Carandina Srl
From over 49 years in Bondeno (Italy) the brand Carandina ( deals with the production of drilling tools and equipments. Currently, the company covers a surface of 7,000 m² that allows them to offer their own production in national market and also in numerous foreign countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Albania, Denmark, Morocco, France, Algeria, South Africa, Kuwait, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Canada, USA, and Arab Emirates.

The firm introduces itself in the world market as a qualified reference in the production of utensils and equipments of perforation.

“All started in 1961 when Rino Leonida Carandina, father of actual President Massimo, founded the ‘R.L. Carandina’, starting the construction of cochleas for transport and sugar equipments. Through the construction of that first helical utensil, the ‘R.L. Carandina’ earned the attention of the firms of the sector and in 1968 ‘Officine Carandina Snc ‘ was born.

From 2000 the company decided to put their focus on the foreign market including the European market and more distant markets such as that middle-East (particularly United Arab Emirates).

Assistance in post-sales and comparison in demands of the clients are aspects that Carandina takes care of with particular respect, from the moment that they directly started selling their equipment to the various drilling Rigs manufacturers and to the final users. The good clients of Carandina, in fact, are also rigs manufactures that test their products daily and the retailers that periodically require utensils for reselling.

Their products include tools for all the perforations from 63mm to 2500mm diameters passing from the utensils for micropiles, anchorages and geotechnical application up to the Pile Foundation as Augers, Bucket, Core Barrels, Tremie Pipes, Special tools as Augers for CFA system, Displacement tools and Soil Mix tools.

Inside Carandina group is the company GEO Deep Drill s.r.l., ( firm that furnishes penetrometer machines for CTP/SPT test.
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Carandina Srl