Yinjiang International Group

Yinjiang International Group
Yinjiang International Group
Yinjiang International Group (YJI) is a High Speeed Construction company based in China. YJI manufactures integrated buildings in its two factories using modular construction.

YJI manufactures building solutions in its two factories in Tianjin and Shandong in China. We are able to create permanent buildings that meet the Australian building codes and standards. We hold intellectual property rights for our unique construction methods.

Our buildings have the following characteristics:

1. Integration: Before a building exits our factory, it is by 95% completed including electrical systems, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom hardware and basic wall decoration.

2. High Speed production: Buildings are created on assembly line, a fully indistrialized process. In three months we are able to produce facilities with a total area of 20,000m² per factory.

3. Our products i.e. our buildings are fully customizable. We can integrate any kind of material and there are no limitations when it comes to design. The only feature that cannot change is the buildings steel structure.

4. The buidlings are typhoon and earthquake resistant. We can easily integrate renewable energy or smart systems. Our architects and engineers design and produce energy efficient buildings.

YJI’s envisions to change the way we nowadays view construction. For YJI, its buildings have the same characteristics as normal products: they can be transported easily and traded. Manufacturing a building is exacty the same as manufacturing a car. There is no need for construction waste anymore, working accidents are less possible to occur and construction can be calculated up to the last milimeter.

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Yinjiang International Group