ACE Geosynthetics
ACE Geosynthetics is a leading geosynthetics manufacturer and solution provider. We develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of reliable geosynthetic products that are approved and certified by CE, BBA, NTPET. We also customize products to meet clients’ various needs.
Crosible Filtration SA
Industrial Filtration
Geo Globe Polska
Geocells, cellular confinement system producer, with more than 20 years experience.
We provide the material, and also we study the solutions for each job and situation.
Hrishikesh Industrial Fabrics Pvt. Ltd
Hrishikesh Industrial Fabrics Pvt. Ltd offers the reliability and reassurance of the India’s leading geo textile brand, covering a variety of applications.
mageba is a supplier of engineered high-end components for infrastructure and buildings.
We produce high quality expansion joints, bridge bearings for civil works.
We also handle sales of equipment from Europe.