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Developing Menengai Geothermal Steam Field

menengai-geothermal-steam-fieldMenengai geothermal steam field development project will set the stage for investments that will help meet Kenya’s rapidly increasing demand for power and transform the country into a competitive clean energy economy. African Development Bank (AfDB) approved two financing vehicles to support the project. It will be financed through a loan of USD$124 million from African Development Fund (ADF) concessionary resources, and a loan and grant totaling US$25 million from the scaling-up renewable energy program under the Climate investment funds for which AfDB Group is an implementing agency. The Menengai field has a potential of up to 1600MW, and the AfDB Group support will help develop the steam field for generation capacity of up to 400MW in a first phase, which is represents a 20% increase in installed capacity of the country.


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