Kusile Project Construction

Kusile Project ConstructionKusile is a coal-fired power station close to the existing Kendal power station in the Delmas municipal area of the Mpumalanga province South Africa.

It is the second most advanced coal-fired power plant project in Eskom after Medupi power station in Lephalale where construction commenced in 2007. As a rule, a coal-fired power station takes about eight years to build.

The station will consist of six units each rated at approximately 800 MW installed capacity giving a total of 4800 MW. As such it will be one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world, once finished.

The power station will be coal fired, with the coal supplied by a new colliery near the power station.

By September of last year new work areas were opening up.  The labor force continued to increase and contractors continued to intensify their recruitment efforts.  From a safety perspective, the overall project Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) remained very favorable as the project has  achieveda milestone of LTIR below 0.2.

The teams’ participation in the Behaviour Based Safety Observation(BBS )program truly makes a difference.  Keeping in mind the ultimate goal of the project is “Zero Harm”

The project is heading for interesting times as the construction front is starting to work on tall structures and space on the ground is going to be restricted in areas like the West Chimney, Boiler apron slab, Auxiliary Bay and the Turbine area especially the Air Cooled Condensers.

Major construction highlights include the Hitachi and their main sub-contractor Murray & Roberts Projects with Unit 1 boiler erection with the start of the second tier of main boiler columns, west chimney concrete slip form operation by Kareena Concor Joint Venture is in progress and pile breaking for east chimney is complete and rebar installation is at an advancestage.

Alstom continues structural steel erection in the Turbine Building area and base plate setting for the Air Cooled Condensers and has erected all five sections of the Unit 1 ACC staircase, Lonerock progresses with the asphalt laying on the new plant entrance roads.

Kusile Civil Works Joint Venture {KCW JV} has completed Unit 6 lift slide formation, along with the good progress ofthe Spaghetti Junction, Phase 2 junction boxes which enables the 2 cell and 4 cell tunnels to commence, the Auxiliary Bay roof truss installation commenced, and Steffanuti Stocks &Basil Read have excavated the basement for Auxiliary Substation A (thismilestonekicks off  the start of the 84 buildings required at Kusile).

The High Voltage Yard civil structures have all been erected and the Busbars have been installed as well. Two Station transformers are already on the plinth and ready for energisation. In the last quarter of 2012 the HV yard were livened up and became part of the Transmission grid in the Southern African Power Pool.

The team personnel are focusing all efforts on the project critical paths:Water Treatment Area, Flue Gas Desulphurization Area, Unit 1 Boiler Erection, Unit 2 Turbine Civil Works and Unit 2 Boiler Civil Works.The project is confident that all contractors will be able to formulate innovative ideas and methodsto improvetheschedule on these paths.

The construction of the new Access Road is at an advance stage, the asphalt is being layeredover  21km on the Road from the R545 intersection to the Turn-Off to get to site. This road could help to alleviate traffic congestion on the R545. This is important to the project since it would reduce the Risks of Motor vehicle accidents on the R545 at the peak of construction.

Considering that Anglo Coal would also start construction in the near future the availability of the New Access road would go a long way in contributing to betterment of Road infrastructure in the area.

The 27km pipeline running from Kendal Power Station is nearing completion. Work currently under way on the pipeline is coating the joints, construction of the two valve boxes at Kusile boundry and rehabilitation work at the Wetland crossing at Kusile boundry as well. Upon completion the 800mm diameter Norminal bore steelpipe will deliver Raw water to Kusile from the Vaal River Augmentation water scheme run by the Department of Water Affairs.

The pipe crosses provincial roads, Railway lines , petrochemical lines and the National road N12 on it’s way to Kusile.



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