Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (SASFA)

southern-african-light-steelSouthern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (SASFA)

Since its inception, the ongoing message from the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building Association (SASFA) has been that the light steel frame (LSF) construction method is suitable for all types of building, from residential to commercial and office buildings. The latest residential architectural masterpiece in the Xanadu Eco Park overlooking the Hartebeespoort Dam in the North West Province is a stunning vindication of this claim.

SASFA director John Barnard says; the advantages of LSF building (LSFB) in terms of time of construction, energy efficiency and logistics, all resulting in bottom line savings, are sufficiently significant to make the method appropriate for residential developments from ‘affordable’ on to the most upmarket structures.

He adds that any impression that LSF building is for temporary or lower cost developments only, is being wiped out by the rapidly growing number of high-end, aesthetic structures where LSFB is being utilised.

The house at Xanadu, designed by AIF Design Architects, is an excellent example. This is a magnificent home and its complex design and aesthetic outcome were, by and large, made possible by light steel framing.


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