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The Terex Fuchs MHL350 E

the-terex-fuchs-mhl350-eThe Terex Fuchs MHL350 E material handler is the first in a series of model introductions featuring the Terex Fuchs Blue EVOLUTION approach to machine design and sustainability.

Terex Fuchs is one of the first manufacturers to offer purpose-built material handlers that conform to Tier IVi (Stage III B) emissions standards. Beyond operating more environmentally friendly, the new Terex Fuchs MHL350 E boasts many design advancements.

The new turbocharged diesel engine of the MHL350 E features increased power and lower fuel consumption. The new handler boasts a 214 hp (160 kW) engine, 8 percent more power output than the MHL350 D. At the same time, specific fuel consumption of the engine is reduced by 11 percent. Economical and environmentally friendly, the MHL350 E runs cleaner and more efficiently than ever before.


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