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Lauca Dam construction commences

The Angolan government plans to spend over US$4.1 million (AKZ 400 billion) in the construction of the Lauca Dam, located in northern Kwanza Norte province. The dam will have an installed capacity of 2,060 MW. This is according to the Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges.

Borges said that tunnels are being built for the diversion of the river and this will be completed by March 2014. He added that the technicians are also digging tunnels to give access to the machinery house, where equipment will be installed for the manufacture of the concrete for the dam structures. The dam is expected to start producing power from the third quarter of 2017.

The minister also said the rehabilitation works of the 180 MW Cambambe Dam will be completed by the end of 2015 and as from 2016 it will have an installed capacity of 960 MW.

Concerning the modernisation of the hydroelectric facilities all over the country, the minister highlighted the rehabilitation of the Gove Dam in the central Huambo province, which is already operating with an installed capacity of 60 MW and the Matala Dam in Huila province, which benefitted from improvement works.

He added that the Lomaum and Mabubas Dams, destroyed during the war, were also rehabilitated although Lomaum Dam is not yet producing energy as the transmission line is still being placed, expecting to be completed in April 2014. He reported that his ministry is undertaking an infrastructural development plan that will enable the country to reach 9.000 MW of installed capacity by 2025, which is the major challenge for the sector.


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