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Ghana asked to speed up establishment of Construction Industry Development Authority

Building professionals in Ghana have urged the government to speed up the establishment of a regulatory body for the construction industry in the country. The proposal to set up a Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA) is said to be the solution to curbing the shoddy works which lead to collapsing and stalling of projects.

Construction Industry Development Authority will regulate construction activities and ensure sanity and high standards in the sector in addition to monitoring the capacity of construction firms and professionals whilst fashioning-out policies for sustained development of the industry.

The construction professionals are taking steps to make this a reality. They have already embarked on a number of international trips to learn from the expertise in the industry. The steering committee has also held a number of workshops to sensitize stakeholders on the initiative. The Chartered Institute of Building Ghana, which is spearheading the move, has subsequently engaged government on the issue.

The construction industry professionals are looking forward to finalize the process with the government and the stakeholders by 2015. Apparently the initiative seeks to train, develop and certify illiterate construction workers.

The Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund is supporting the initiative to enable the country effectively replicate the existing regime in several other African countries like South Africa, Malawi, and Tanzania.


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