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Treadway Industries has worked with alternative building materials for over 30 years.

The company began life as a packaging firm, using expanded polystyrene (EPS) to create custom shapes for the electronics industry. However, recognizing the material’s versatility, the company became the first to transform a conventional packaging material into a fast, affordable alternative to traditional cladding systems.

The company enjoys success in a number of fields, including exterior cladding, decorative architectural enhancement, themed facades, and the custom fabrication of 3D elements for the movie and theme park industries.

Treadway are experts in themed EIFS application. EIFS is an insulating cladding system that greatly reduces energy consumption by incorporating an EPS board into the cladding. As custom fabricators, they engineer each of their products to meet their client’s exact needs and ensure that what they deliver is fit-for-purpose.

Various factors determine the material they use for projects, including the client’s budget, the level of detail required (i.e. from how close the pieces will be viewed), the level of durability required (if they are in high traffic areas where people can touch/climb on them), the life expectancy of the piece (some of the work we produce is only used one or two times, whereas others are required to last a lifetime and more), the harshness of the environment (e.g. possible chemical or sustained UV exposure).

The company has completed jobs throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. All of their products and services have been tailored to meet the demands of tropical climates. The key features of their products is that they are quick to produce, lightweight (minimizing the need for heavy-duty machinery), easy to install, inexpensive and easy to repair, and can be manufactured to meet virtually any design.

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