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Globally PERI is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems. Through its 6,700 employees, over 50 subsidiaries and 110 efficiently-run storage sites, PERI serves its customers worldwide with innovative system equipment and a comprehensive range of services related to formwork and scaffolding technology.

Within Africa, PERI has had a remarkable growth in the past year, which continues to be the trend for upcoming years. Key to PERI’s continuous success is the diverse product portfolio which allows them to adapt their solutions to give contractors optimal results.

Constraints of contractors to deliver projects within time and budget are challenges easily met with PERI as trusted supplier of German formwork and scaffolding solutions. Timely material availability is ensured with a smart regional logistic network including central hubs in North, West and South Africa along with professional on-site support to optimize material usage, handling and safety, throughout each phase of construction.

Additionally, the product-portfolio offered is targeted to the exact requirement of the region, which demands a mix of traditional building methods as well as system formwork solutions, high in quality yet with attractive prices. Various additions have been made to the existing portfolio, to further meet this specific demand of the contractors in Africa.

In 2013, PERI introduced the new PEP Ergo Slab Prop with load capacity up to 50 kN yet with a reduced weight of the prop, therefore offering a cost-effective solution for slab support. However, one of PERI’s newest product development and additions is PERI UP, a Scaffolding and Shoring System, through which various applications such as stair tower, suspended scaffold, access scaffold, birdcage scaffold, shoring tower and façade scaffold can be realized.

Material logistics are made easy for the contractor, as PERI UP’s few basic components can be utilized from the project’s very beginning till all finishing have been completed.

PERI Up is one single system to cover all scaffolding and shoring applications and complex heavy duty shoring applications are also feasible. Concentrated loads of up to 200 kN can securely be transferred into the ground.

Last but not least, they can proudly say that the quality of their products and services support their customers in an increasingly competitive market. They measure their performance based on the success of their customers and their satisfaction. Due to this approach and motivation, they are the global leader in their industry and are continuously growing in the African market.

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