6 tunnels in new Suez Canal project to be built by Arab Contractors

Egypt’s Suez Canal
Egypt’s Suez Canal: Arab Contractors will dig the 6 canals in the expansion process

Arab Contractors Company (AC), the Egypt’s largest and leading construction firm will commence digging to expand the Suez Canal.

This is according to Chairman Arab Contractors Mohsen Salah, who revealed that his company had began conducting studies of executing six new tunnels in the Suez Canal. He said three are in Port Said and three others in Ismailia.

Mohsen Salah said that the state-run company will take the main role in digging process, in cooperation with Orascom. He added that the digging would help developing and operating Suez Canal.

However, the Egypt government is also considering sending its dredgers to the Suez Canal project, which the Arab Contractors Company (AC) considers that digging one tunnel is a separate project for the company,
The company says that its role is a major one and therefore, it means the company will contribute to the construction of 6 projects in parallel.

The Arab Contractors (AC) has construction undertakings in the Middle East and Africa. The company is very active and has, of late, been awarded contract to implement various projects in the northern. Other African countries where it has operations include Algeria. The US$4bn formerly announced by President of Egypt Abdel Fatah al-Sisi was slated for 2015.


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