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Lumidigm, part of HID Global

Lumidigm, part of HID Global, is dedicated to enabling convenient, secure, and reliable identification of people, products and credentials.

Their multispectral imaging technology, innovative software and biometric fingerprint sensors allow customers to know “who” or “what” to a high degree of certainty. They provide sensors and solutions for mission-critical authentication applications that require superior performance.

Lumidigm’s products include:

V-Series Fingerprint Sensors and Modules
Lumidigm’s V-Series fingerprint sensors and modules are high performance fingerprint scanning devices that deliver industry-leading biometric performance regardless of environmental or skin conditions. V-Series modules can be integrated with other applications such as access control and time and attendance to enhance throughput and accuracy.

High-quality images are captured by V-Series devices even when fingerprint ridges are hard to distinguish due to genetics, age, dirt, finger placement, or environmental conditions.

V-Series devices also include world-class liveness detection to ensure that the person using the system is who they claim to be, and not an imposter, or someone trying to fool the system. One can depend on the V-Series to return superior images on anyone, anytime, in any environment.

M-Series Fingerprint Sensors and Modules
The Lumidigm M-Series securely authenticates a user and enables one’s identity and access management solution with a simple tap of a finger. M-Series modules are smaller than the V-Series yet still offer superior performance under real world conditions.

Lumidigm’s SDK simplifies integration into back-end biometric systems and applications to provide a simple and secure method of access. M-Series devices can be configured to deliver high-quality images or ANSI-378 standard templates.

Many banks in South Africa use Lumidigm sensors. Growth areas are in healthcare, retail, and mining. The true test of any biometrics technology is not how it behaves in the lab or how it behaves under ideal conditions, but how it performs in the real world.

Lumidigm products pass that test. Lumidigm fingerprint sensors provide reliable fingerprint data in real world conditions even if fingers are dry, wet, aged or worn.

Greg Sarrail, Vice President Solutions Business Development
Lumidigm Inc


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