Namibia’s Platz Am Meer waterfront project begins

waterfront project
The Platz am Meer waterfront project has been objected and is under further investigation

Namibia’s Erongo governor Cleophas Mutjavikua has said that construction of the $37.6 million Platz am Meer waterfront project in Swakopmund has started.

The construction projects started in the region have, of late faced opposition from groups claiming the developers and the authorities have allegedly not followed the correct channels for realization of the projects and for bypassing laws. They have also argued that the public input and objection were allegedly merely sidestepped or shrugged off as unwarranted before construction of the projects.

Safari Investments of Namibia has earlier applied to increase the height limit of the Platz am Meer waterfront project from 13m to 16m, which caused opposition. After the expression of the objections, the Town Council of Swakopmund decided to review related documents and decisions to ensure that this Namibia waterfront project was executed according to the law.

The Platz am Meer waterfront project is also under investigations by a Namibian Ombudsman, John Walters and that the details will come out.

The construction of this Namibia waterfront facility involves setting up more hotels and entertainment activities, a shopping centre, office parks, restaurants, low and high density accommodation, residential properties, a golf course, and public beaches amongst others.


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