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Nigeria Federal Government completes dredging of 527km at River Niger

The capital dredging of 527km of the Lower River Niger from Warri in Delta State to Baro in Niger State being carried by the Nigerian Federal Government has completed.

This was revealed by President Goodluck Jonathan during a stakeholder’s forum held in Lagos on Tuesday this week. The meeting was organized by the National Inland waterways Authority (NIWA). The President also said dredging will help all-year navigation along the axis.

The president also listed towns through which the channel runs through, and these are Warri in Delta state, Onitsha in Anambra state, Idah, Jamata in Kogi state, Baro in Niger state and Agenebode in Edo state.

He also recognized the completion of rehabilitation of Onitsha River Port commissioned in August, 2012. The rehabilitation was done by the Inland Waterways sub-sector. A transaction Adviser has already been appointed to facilitate the concessioning of the port within months.

Nigeria is also constructing major River Ports along Baro River in Niger State, Oguta in Imo State and Lokoja in Kogi. In addition, the country is establishing several jetties in various communities around the country. Once completed, these ports will be concessioned to private sector operators.

At the present, more than 20 states in Nigeria are interconnected by traversable waterways and they encompass 12 major rivers, creek, lagoon, lakes and intra-coastal waters aggregate to a total passable distance of over 10,000km. These resources offer an important connection for inland water transportation.


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