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Water treatment systems are likely to become more efficient and interest in recovery of metals from waste streams is likely to increase according to PuriTech.

PuriTech was founded in 1996 and specializes in process engineering, design, procurement and project management expertise. The company perfoms liquid treatment installations incorporating ion exchange technology using patented and revolutionary ION-IX system.

The company specializes in water treatment, including water demineralization, nitrate removal, removal of TOC/Color from water, boiler feed water, and removal of ammonia from water.

ION-IX technology sought to exploit the underutilized ion exchange for liquid adsorption separation technology. This system helps companies reduce operating costs and capital expenditure, as well as enhancing functionality and performance. The company also provides by-products of ion exchange process such as HCL and produces Potassium Nitrate. Others include biodesel purification, food processing, and recovery of potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, and petrochemicals.

The company sought to extend application base of the technology and improve continuous countercurrent processes as part of the system design. The system helps avoid a lot of piping and complex controls, as well as wastage of 2-4% of treated fluid-flow in water treatment applications.

The system uses a single, multi-port distribution valve, and this creates a process system for continuous, countercurrent ion exchange.

This valve flow streams to several resin cells and determines whether the resin is in an adsorption, regeneration or rinsing cycle. ION-IX liquid adsorption separation technology improves liquid–resin contact efficiency while reducing plant operating costs and capital expenditure.

The carousel in the system rotates the resin cells around a central valve but complex controllers are needed for operating the system and flexible hoses must be put between the valve and resin chambers.

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The company patented the multi-port distribution valve

The company patented the multi-port distribution valve, which will help determine which cycle the resin is: adsorption, regeneration or rinsing cycle.

Polypropylene (PP) ION-IX valve bodies with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) internal parts are offered as a standard.

The company boasts of building biggest Nitrate removal system in United Kingdom and developed a new softener with extreme high performance.

The company has installed Ni / Co separation unit in Zambia in addition to other installations around the world.


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General Manager


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