US$313m Manu Chandaria University of Nairobi Towers officially flagged off in Kenya

An artist's impression of the University of Nairobi Towers which will be located in the open space between the Gandhi Building and Education Building, just adjacent to the Norfolk Fairmont Hotel and Kenya National Theatre

Kenya made new strides in the education sector when the president Uhuru Kenyatta laid the first stone for construction of Manu Chandaria University of Nairobi Towers.

The development will be a 22 storey structure which will accommodate 3000 students, a Vice-Chancellor’s Suite, Senate Boardroom, Council Meeting Room, one lecture theatre of 500 persons, four lecture theatres of 300 persons, and several lecture rooms to cater for a minimum of 60 persons, a floor for the Graduate School, a floor for the Graduate School of Business, and a helipad.

The project will be undertaken at a cost of US$313m and will be developed by China Wu Yi Co. Ltd. Upon completion, the university will be called Manu Chandaria University of Nairobi Towers.
During the ceremony, the president indicated that universities in the country are realigning with the transformative roadmap that focuses on creating a strong cadre of professionals who are going to lead the country’s trade and industry, service, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and public service.

The University of Nairobi Towers is an inspiring and attractive showcase of “green” buildings and once realized, the final facility will attain signature status in all aspects of cutting-edge architecture. It is part of vision 2030 where the government seeks to promote academic vibrancy, technological progress and innovations.

The president said during the ceremony that the government is going to partner with key industry players to initiate projects that promote access to learning. The ceremony comes at a time when the Governmnet has made plans to construction 60 technical colleges in constituencies across the country.


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