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Namibia’s defense ministry joins construction industry to quicken delivery of public projects

In a quest to speed up execution of government projects in Namibia, the Defence ministry has entered construction industry, through their company August 26 Holdings.

August 26 Holdings is aiming to bring a revolution in the construction industry by using its non-conventional building material and methods. These materials and methods are expected to be 40% cheaper than conventional building methods and the company is expected to resolve some of the current infrastructural delays in the construction industry.

According to defence minister, Nahas Angula, who launched the August 26 Holdings. The construction company uses Ultimate Building Machine, although they have also acquired other equipment from the United States of America, India and South Korea. The Ultimate Building Machine helps set up a building within days, a building which has iron sheets on the outside. The lifespan of the iron sheets is about 50 years.

The Namibian Defense Force company will now engage in building barracks for the Airforce, since after the independence, the Defense Ministry had inherited aging buildings, barracks and infrastructure from SA’s regime.

The company’s first project will be building barracks for the Air Force, which will be followed by other military related projects. “We are ready to revamp all NDF barracks,” Said company’s managing director, Colonel John Namoloh.

After completing this project, the company will undertake other projects related to military. To indicate how speedy the construction technology is, a classroom can be built in a day. August 26 Holdings has also expanded into other areas, including textiles, war machines and satellite, among others. There are also other companies that have shown interest in speeding up construction in Namibia as a country.


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