New Waw dam upcoming in South Sudan

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam CONSTRUCTION
Construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

A new dam, whose construction will begin once feasibility studies have been concluded, is upcoming in the country. The Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Hossam Moghazy has also, in the meantime, set a date to review the dam’s economic fasibility studies with the Minister of Electricity and Dams Jemma Nunu Kumba.

The two will review the studies in a workshop to be held next month in Juba. Construction of the new Waw dam will help in provision of water required for electricity generation and agricultural activities in the country. The Waw dam, as disclosed, will have a storage capacity not more than 2 billion cubic meters.

The country will shift focus to finding funds for the Waw dam project once the studies have been finalized, according to the Minister.

In the meantime, the Minister also said that the dam to be constructed will not negatively affect Egypt. He has added that Egypt regarded it an important project that will help Sudan cut down on electricity energy.

Moghazy has added that water for other small agricultural projects will be taken out from the dam later on. These include fisheries project for the Waw city. The government has paid attention towards boosting construction of infrastructure in the country, including the recent’s commitment to revamp country roads at a cost of US$ 1bn.


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