OPEA Ecological Chemistry

Stemma Opea

Since 1991 OPEA Ecological Chemistry has engaged in research of advanced solutions for construction engineering and manufacturing of products and systems capable of solving the most delicate construction problems, such as those related to water protection. Cutting-edge technology, innovative systems and a constant attention to the specific needs of the customers are the foundation of the company’s business philosophy that allows it to better express the actual synthesis of research, design, manufacture and service able to provide the right response to the needs both traditional and emerging in construction, in all countries in which it has its operations.

Some of the technical products that the company offers include: ELASTOPEA
waterproofing paste coating thickness walk used on terraces, flat roofs or ground water expansion joint sealing, flashings, foundations, tanks and recovery old bituminous membranes.

Opeaplast a plastic coating for pools, FISSATIVO which is used for waterproofing of stones and porphyry and thermal jackets.
Clients can also get impregnates such as wood primer water, wax wood water, flatting wood water and polish white wood.
There are also mural paintings such as emulsion paint for interior hallways, washable emulsion paints, washable oil based paints, paint for interior washable super opaque and paints for bedrooms.
OPEA Ecological Chemistry

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