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Tanweer Solar Energy Technology L.L.C

Tanweer Solar Energy Technology are regarded as pioneers of solar energy technology in the UAE. They are undoubtedly one of the first few companies that have fully realized that the oil rich land of UAE is also rich in solar energy. Hence, Tanweer Solar Energy has harnessed this precious source of energy for not just a science fair but has made it possible for masses to utilize their energy efficient technologies.

As the world rapidly moves towards the depletion of fossil fuels that drives the development of the modern world; an impending crisis looms. With that looming crisis that is not just destroying the environment but also tearing apart world’s economy; sustainability is what everyone is resorting to ensure they provide their children and future generations free of that crisis.

Tanweer Solar Energy Technology have a stellar record in the corporate and government sectors having been accredited with many projects that are saving the environment as well as natural resources by using solar energy. They also provide solutions in the form of carports for masses as well as generators run by solar energy. The greatest advantage of using products by Tanweer is their extremely long lifespan due to the cleanliness of the source of energy making them highly cost efficient.

Tanweer Solar Energy Technology strives to go by its mission of designing and manufacturing products that adhere to the highest International standards of quality and proffer solutions that bring about exceptional performance with benefits for prolonged periods. Their products come with a guarantee on their performance as well as quality at a reasonable price.

At Tanweer Solar Energy Technology LLC customer satisfaction comes first. They proffer a wide spectrum of solar energy equipment harnessed with latest technology and made up of premium quality of raw materials. Their participation in major events has won them several accolades and customer appreciations for their range of avant-garde products.

Tanweer were able to ward off stiff competition to win a Dubai Municipality project whereby they are converting the conventional electrical lighting in Mushrif and the Al Mamzer parks into solar LED lights.

Some of their most sought after products include:

·         Solar powered pole lights

·         Mobile solar floodlight tower

·         Solar electrical golf carts (Hybrid)

·         Solar carport

·         Solar modules (solar panel)

·         Solar battery.

They currently do not have their products in Africa but are now prepared to explore the opportunities in the African market having put everything in place.


Heba Alrefai

Business Development Manager

[email protected]


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