N3 highway stretch in South Africa to be renovated

N3 Highway
N3 Highway

The N3 highway stretch between Johannesburg and Durban will be reconstructed by the South African Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) and it is set to cost US $34.79m.

Renovation on this section of the road will include construction of extra lanes between Cedara and Tweedie Interchange which are located on the northern side of Pietermaritzburg with the work area estimated to be 11 kilometers.

According to the Manager of Sanral Ravi Ronny, the contract was awarded to N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) who will deal with the financing, planning and design, construction and maintaining the section between Heidelberg and Cedara.

Ronny also noted that the upgrade of the road was important due to the fact that it linked the Port of Durban to Guateng which is the heart of South Africa’s economy.

The two companies have also put in place measures to help ease traffic congestion in the construction period with measures to minimize disruption while maintaining road safety being put in place.

However, during peak hours of traffic, lanes will be left open.

This part of the N3 highway stretch will be managed by N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) on behalf of Sanral.


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