Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland to construct a new hospital in Mashonaland

Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central province is set to receive $10 million for project development. It will be located at Amai Grace Mugabe Children’s Home in Mazowe.

The province is set to construct a modern referral hospital worth $5 million after reaching an agreement with a South Korean province, South Gyeongsang.

There have been members from South Korea technical team who flew into the country in order to look into the requirements for the hospital construction.

According to the Mashonaland Central Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Advocate Martin Dinha, the development in the country is geared towards improving the livelihood of the state.

Adv Dinha said the visit by the Korean delegation was in follow up to the agreement entered into previously to construct the hospital.

Dinha also added that out of the US$10 million grant which will be offered, about US$5 million will be used to fund the hospital construction while the rest will be used for community development. Kenya is also undertaking construction of the Tatu city, another mega project whose construction resumed on October and expected to take up US2.5bn.


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