Japan government to fund construction of 3 bridges in Liberia

Kaylia Bridge
Kaylia Bridge in Liberia

Three major bridges funded by government of Japan are under construction in three districts in the county of Grand Cape in Liberia. The three will be constructed in Tallah, Kaylia and Diah Districts and are under the Japan’s Commodity Value Fund.

The bridges will help in the increase in access of the region, especially during the rainy season, which will in turn promote trade and reduce the price of basic merchandise.

According to engineers working on the Diah Bridge, fifty percent of work on this particular bridge has been completed.

On the other hand, Kaylia Bridge which is located in Porkpah district will act as a link to certain parts of the county including Western Cluster Belt a mining region which covers River congo, Dambala and Kongbor.

The bridge construction projects will be carried out by two Liberian construction companies namely Quality Engineering & Standard Technology (QUEST Inc) and Associated Builders Contractor Inc (ABC).

Leaders in the region expressed their gratitude to the Japanese government and the Liberian government for bringing to birth the three projects that will be of great impact to individuals in the region.


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