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AfDB to fund Chinsalo-Nakonde road project in Zambia

US $250m is set to be spent on renovation works for the 210km Chinsalo-Nakonde road project, an amount to be provided by African Development Bank (AfDB). This construction project will be part of the Trans-Africa Highway on the North and South corridor.

According to the African Development Bank officer in charge of Zambia Philip Boahen, the project will help improve transport and services throughout the road corridor to help in the reduction of transportation cost between Southern Tanzania and Northern Zambia.

The road construction project would also ease access of residents in the area to markets and social amenities, something which will help reduce poverty and increase growth.

Mr Boahen also noted that civil works on the road will be done in two sections, the first being the 110km Isoka Nakonde followed by the 100km Chinsali Isoka road. This will be implemented in three months each.

The entire road project entails civil works, renovation of Chinsali Nakonde road, renovation of the feeder roads and other complementary services.

The African Development Bank had already reviewed the feasibility study, preliminary and engineering design and the environmental and social economic impact assessment studies.

The road project would be presented to the Board in the third quarter of 2015.

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