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Hilton to open a US$ 25m hotel in Kenya by March 2016

Hilton Worldwide, which is a global hotel chain is set to open a US$ 25m Garden Inn hotel near the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi by March next year.

“The structure of the building will be complete in December but the hotel will be opened in March next year,” said businessman Noorali Manji, the Hilton Garden Inn developer.

The multi million construction project will be carried out on a 1.3 acre piece of land on Mombasa road and will constitute Kenya’s first Hilton Garden Inn.

According to Mr. Manji, finances to build The Hilton Garden Inn will come from equity and a bank loan from Diamond Trust bank.

The hotel will target tourists and travelers who want suitable accommodation located near the International airport. It will have a maximum of 175 rooms which will go for a cheaper price as compared to the Hilton hotel in the city centre.

A Hilton brand, which is owned by Blackstone Group, an American private equity firm, had 4,112 hotels with over 680,117 rooms in 91 countries in 2014.


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