Kenya to construct wall at Somalia border to prevent terror attacks

Border wall
A border fence

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has said Kenya will start construction of a wall on its border with Somalia from this week, to prevent itself from terror attacks. The new wall will close the border entries from Somalia to Kenya – by separating Mandera and Bulahawa – and will extend 200 kilometers.

The Cabinet Secretary has admitted it will be hard and expensive to construct and man the wall. According to other government officials, construction materials have been transmitted to the site.

“Mandera and Bulahawa are almost merged and you cannot tell which is which. Now we want to put up a wall at border point one and close the border. That will reduce the porous border entries into our country,” said Nkaissery.

The move has been welcomed by Billow Kerrow, the Mandera senator, and he said they hoped it will help in “containing the problem”, although he has admitted that construction of the wall is not a lasting solution to terrorism. The region has experienced several terrorist attacks in the recent past.

Construction of this border wall will mark the first of its kind initiative to preventing terrorism in the country. A border wall between  Israel and Egypt is also used to prevent terrorism and illegal immigration. It was reported that only 34 people managed to sneak to Israel illegally in the first half of 2013 compared to a massive 10,000 people for same period in 2012.

Spain has also built a 23-foot border fence on its border with Morocco to prevent illegal entries, while a seperation wall between Morocco and Algeria was built for security reasons.


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