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IPG’s Aquamaster geomembranes offer a dynamic solution to many of the water issues facing the continent of Africa. From the arid and drought prone eastern regions, (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Malawi Zimbabwe) to the mineral and forest rich western, and central regions. IPG’s Aquamaster provides safe and reliable solutions for water containment, conventional and non-conventional oil and gas extraction, and also water transport.

Water containment: by helping to conserve water loss from source to destination their Aquamaster geomembranes eliminate ground water loss through seepage, while simultaneously helping to conserve our most precious resource at a fraction of the cost of concrete, and without the contamination that other methods of containment would bring.

Their Aquamaster Geomembranes are contaminate free, and NSF Certified to ANSI 61 which means their geomembranes can safely hold and transport drinking water. By lining farm reservoirs and civic canals with Aquamaster Geomembranes this can help emerging markets in Africa better manage water resources, so when the dry season arrives there is more water available without having to tap into underground reservoirs.

According to IPG’s marketing manager Raphael Bennett their products can be used in the African continent and they are currently in search of distributors that can to help get their great products into the bidding/construction process.

Raphael also added that their products are 100% recyclable where facilities exist. They are a company that helps save and protect water resources for municipalities such as irrigation districts and farming water reservoirs. Aquamaster geomembranes also help maintain road stability by not allowing water to seep into the gravel underneath which can destabilize the soil under the road while being puncture resistant so that rocks and other debris cannot penetrate the fabric. Whenever something needs protection or containment, Aquamaster Geomembranes are the best of class.

In the regions where mining, oil and gas exploration and extraction are happening Aquamaster geomembranes are the solution to keeping contaminants out of the environment. Chemical runoff, and seepage into the ground water table can cause havoc in developed economies, so in emerging markets like the Nigerian Delta ground water contamination can render an entire swath of rainforest uninhabitable.

Their Aquamaster products are used in Hydraulic Fracturing above ground tank liners, temporary waste covers, and wastewater containment. With extremely high puncture resistance, wider manufacturing widths, and engineered coatings to increase UV resistance, their Aquamaster products can contain most chemicals without fear of puncture or seepage.

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