Graco’s new M2K mechanical mixing system

Graco hand mechanical mixing

Graco has released the M2K Mechanical Plural Component Sprayers for finishing applications.

The M2K is an easy-to-use mixing and dosing system that has all you need in one small package. This fixed ratio machine keeps your mix ratio consistent while only mixing what you use. Plus it eliminates all of the wasted material and clean-up associated with hand mixing, saving you precious time and money.

2K Mechanical Mixing will;

  • Save Time – Quick start and clean-up
  • Save Money – Only mix the material which you spray
  • Improve Quality – Mix ratio accuracy
  • Spray Technologies – Air Spray, Air-Assisted and Airless
  • ATEX Approved

Applications of the 2K mechanical mixing and dosing system

  • 2K epoxy primer for metal
  • 2K polyurethane for wood
  • 2K 1:1 polyester applications
  • 2K resin applications for marble and granite
  • Low volume sandwich panel adhesive applications
  • Low viscosity 2K adhesive applications
  • Resin injection for concrete structures

More on the M2K Mechanical Plural Component Sprayers product from Graco


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