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Top 4 Reasons to why your employees might quit

Are you always feeling frustrated with employees who are getting on your nerves and driving you nuts in your construction or consulting firm?
As the boss am sure sometimes you wish your employees would be able to share their commitment to your organization’s goals, success, challenges and above all your own weakness.
In most organizations the majority of employees are more concerend about thier pets rather that the organizations well being and growth.
Have you ever asked yourself what may be going wrong with them? Could they be lackadaisical or is it plain insensitivity on the part of the employer that has caused this?
It’s that time you recognize the reasons below and try to start adjusting yourself before you bring down your organization.
1) Lack of Managerial Ability that creates an environment that fosters passion
As manager you should have the ability to create a good environment for your employees that will foster their courage and desire to excel in your organization and in order for you to achieve this you must be a good team leader (YOU HAVE NO CHOICE). And show passion towards your business and through this your employees will see something to follow and copy from you.
2) Lack of Motivation
When you hired your employees they were the best, then what went wrong? You need to inspire them now and again; since they cannot perform better day by day and bring extra-ordinary results that you motivate them.
Keep in mind they want to develop themselves too and achieve as best as they can and in order for you to boost this motivate them well.
3) . When You Do Not Appreciate your Team
No one likes to be taken for granted: therefore when your employees feel you are taking them for granted for the sacrifices they make, the extra effort they put in and above all the great job they do they gradually learn that it doesn’t matter and stop putting the effort .
4) Poor Welfare Package and Incentive
In a company that has no structure in place to take care of welfare and incentives totally demotivates  your team.
They eventually turn on your business. Your employees want to be sure that packages such as medical can be comfortably taken care of by you. The absence of this causes them to want to seek other places where this will be available.


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