Africa’s biggest deep sea port – Badagry Port

Lekki Deep Sea Port
Lekki Deep Sea Port is another port under construction in Nigeria

Nigeria set to host Africa’s biggest deep sea port in Lagos, the Badagry Port. This was revealed by the State Government of Lagos during a visit to the site of the project in Badagry alongside some top state officials confirming that the state government has plans to construct the deep sea port on a piece of land measuring over 1,000 hectares in Badagry. However, according to Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the state governor, the port project is expected to commence by end of September this year.

According to a statement issued by the state government quite a number of foreign and domestic investors including the Maersk Group have shown interest toward the project and have as well signed an agreement of contribution towards the project. The project is expected to create thousands of job opportunities to the citizens and has positioned the country to be the first country in Africa to host the largest cargo container port. The port project will also include a free trade zone and a container terminal.

The project is expected to be a long-lasting investment. The project is also expected to grow the country’s economy and improve the citizen’s living standards through tourist attraction. Furthermore, new settlements are expected to be erected within the project perimeters in Badagry.

For  the deep sea port project to be successfully executed, the completion of the Mile II-Badagry expressway is a must. In fact, it has been confirmed that the two projects will commence simultaneously creating employment opportunities and grow the GDP economy of Lagos a change expected to last for 4 year. Nonetheless, 12 communities who have been affected by the project have been assured considerable compensation.


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