US $10m Cement factory for Redcliff, Zimbabwe

zimbabwe cement factory

Mortal Investments Manufacturing Company, a Chinese company is set to construct a cement manufacturing plant worth US $10m in Redcliff, Zimbabwe. This will be done through a partnership between the company and local business men.

According to the Mayor of Redcliff, Clr Freddy Kapuya, the deal by the Chinese company and his municipality had been finalised and the plant would be constructed on 100 000sqm hectares of land.

The mayor also noted that the cement plant would use slag as a major component in its manufacturing. This uses chalk and clay which is hardened under water.
Mortal Investments had initially showed interest in the purchase of three cement factories in Redcliff but changed their option to construction of a plant instead. This was due to the fact that the three factories combined would not offer the appropriate space they needed.

Clr Kapuya noted that upon completion of the plant, it will be 75 percent owned by the locals while the remainder will be by the Chinese company. This will help create employment to more than 400 people in Redcliff.

Another company, Yakushuku Manufacturing also showed interest in the construction of a US $25m cotton ginning and manufacturing Plant the Redcliff region. This plant will use solar power technology for its electricity and whenever there is an excess it will feed into the national grid.



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