4 reasons to why a boss should learn from employees

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Share a coffee with managers; ask them their challenges from their feedback believe me being a manager isn’t a ride in the park.
In the current construction world employers are natured or removed from employees and that is the nature of the relationship and despite the distance often built into the system, employers are responsible for teaching and growing their people.
It has been the norm that always the managerial has the responsibility to teach their employee’s good sharp skills that will help the organization but as well we can’t rule out that the managers can learn more from their employees, as well.
1) For new ideas generation for the organization
As a manager you have been in the company for many years and there comes time when you have to come up with new ideas that will help the organization move forward.
In most occasions employees have the brilliant new ideas in many organizations and its very important for managers to cultivate an open learning atmosphere that invites discussion and sharing of ideas that will eventually turn to be a gold mine to employees.
2) Help you improve in hiring the best
As a manager you need to get the best staff ever that will bring positive growth in your organization and the hiring and on boarding process is an employee’s first interaction with your organization, and although the employer is involved in the process, chances are they haven’t gone through the process themselves in quite a while.
If your employees give you a feedback then they will be able to help you in getting the ideas you need, ask them the kind of person they need and the kind of process that will see you get the best out of the crowd.
3. Help in bettering leadership skills
People make mistakes same applies to managers and thus it’s very advisable to interact with your employees so that you can easily know where to improve in leadership.
Getting feedback from employees can help employers to be more effective managers to their people.

5. Learn to trust.
Few employees work best with a boss lingering over their shoulders. Yet for those in charge, the repercussions of shoddy work and low productivity can be huge. Good leaders strike a balance between giving employees room to breath and cracking the whip.
Great employees can teach their bosses to let go and trust in their ability to get things done. This can be especially hard for entrepreneurs used to tackling all aspects of a project. Yet letting go and trusting the team to get things accomplished can redirect focus on more big picture items.


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