Affordable houses in Nigeria to be constructed

Affordable houses in Nigeria are set to be constructed across the Jigawa State. This was revealed by the State governor Muhammad Badaru confirming that his administration will execute the construction of the housing project. Up to 1,330 units are slated for construction.

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria Managing Director, Alhaji Gima Kumo, paid a courtesy visit to the governor in Dutse when the governor confirmed the project execution adding that the programme includes that each local government will have 40 houses constructed while the 5 emirate headquarters are entitled to receive additional 50 houses each. The objective of the programme is to offer opportunity to civil servants to own houses.

However, the State capital will receive more houses due to high number of workers residing in the city. Moreover, a proposal has been submitted to Federal Mortgage Bank to come up with a housing plan that will cost between US$ 3,518 and US$ 5,025 each. The Mortgage Bank is more than willing to work together with the government in providing affordable houses in the state and attain the targeted number of low cost houses at considerable prices.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa thus ranking it 8th in the world. The country has a population number of 173 million forcing its economy to develop at an average pace of about 7% per annum.

However, the nation’s housing deficit is estimated to be over 17 million units growing at 780, 000 units per annum. This is as a result to the expensive cost of building and slow construction delivery. It is estimated that US$341, 000–US$365, 000 is needed to curb the Nigeria’s housing deficit.

The construction of affordable houses in Nigeria are is a step forward in a country that is grappling with expanding population and an ever growing housing deficit.


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