Construction of Garissa University College in Kenya gets underway

Construction of Garissa University College in Kenya
Construction of Garissa University College in Kenya

While Kenyans are still suspicious of attacks by terror groups, the resumption of Construction of Garissa University College in Kenya is underway.
This is a sign that Garissa is getting back to its feet once again since the terror attack took place.
According to Jacob Kaimenyi the Education Cabinet Secretary and stakeholders from the college are yet to consult on whether to reopen it or not.
The construction of Garissa University College in Kenya comes as a surprise because the Kenyan government had said that the university will not be re-opened any time soon.
The education cabinet secretary told the parliamentary committee on education that many Kenyans are still traumatized by the attack.
On the 2nd, of April 2015, Some terrorist stormed the Garissa University killing 148 people and injuring 79 others.
The terror group well known as the Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack which ended the same day.
Five men involved in the attack were later under arrest in connection to the attack and a bounty was placed on the head of the attack’s alleged organizer.
The arrested terrorists were charged with carrying out terrorism activities and have been detained for one month for proper investigation to be done.
The Garissa university college attack Kenya was the deadliest in Kenya since the1998 United States Embassy bombings, and is the second deadliest overall, with more casualties than the 2002 Mombasa attacks, the 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack, the 2014 Nairobi bus bombings, the 2014 Gikomba bombings, the 2014 Mpeketoni attacks and the 2014 Lamu attacks.


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