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Construction of second phase major railway in Cameroon set to begin

The construcion of second phase major railway in Cameroon is set to begin after the Inter-ministerial Ad hoc Committee which were given the task to plan for the second phase of the railway said they are on the final stages and will submit the plan on time.

Cameroon president handed the committee the task through the minister of transport, Prof. Robert Nkili who told the committee members to submit the feasibility report by the end of December so that the government can planning for take off of  the major railway in Cameroon.

The  construction of the railway in Cameroon is expected to be of great importance to Cameroon as it will supplement the existing old railway line and help at decongesting in the countries road network . The railway is also expected to link the country with its neighborhood Chad.
The Ad hoc Committee therefore has the daunting task of drawing up an investment programme on railway infrastructure, equipment and logistics to meet demand.

The first Railway Investment Plan, PQ1, was from 2009-December 2013.

Cameroon is one of several African countries that are moving with speed to construct efficient rail transport system to boost movement of goods and people. Kenya is racing against time to complete its standard gauge railway system from Nairobi to Mombasa.


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