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Save energy with JINDAL Automatic Voltage Controller

JINDAL’S Automatic Voltage Controller with rolling contact mechanism Technology, suitable for 100% continuous duty cycle, designed for high efficiency¬† an economic life of 15-20 Years.


The industrial units running round the clock, usually face the problem of low and high voltage variations resulting in equipments failure and power losses. Therefore Automatic Voltage Controller is a must for the industrial units having an acute failure rate of electrical equipments such as bulbs, tubes, chokes, starter, contactor coils & motors (90% of load is generally of motors particularly smaller capacity motors up to 7.5HP).


5-10% saving on power bills & up to 30% on lighting load.
Uniform quality of end products & improved productivity of the plant.
Up to 80% reduction in breakdown of electrical equipment.
improvement in power factor by 10-15%.
Reduction in MDI by 10-15%
80% depreciation as per income tax act.
Attractive pay-back period of 6-12 months, owing to its high efficiency (99.5% in average running conditions).
The table attached gives approx. quantitative advantages of Automatic Voltage Controller at various voltage fluctuation levels:


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