How to manage a construction site in Africa

How to manage a construction site in Africa

Managing a construction site in Africa can be a daunting task. With many factors to consider, the more efficient you are in managing a construction site in Africa the better chance you stand to finish your project on time and at a planned budget. We look at how you can boost your efficiency in managing a construction site in Africa:

Know the Codes of construction

As a construction manager especially in Africa it is very important to understand every simple aspect of a construction site. Every city and state in Africa has  different rules, laws, and codes that you must abide by.  It is important that you understand what your construction will involve as these will directly affect your schedule and probably your budget too.

Always keep time
They say time is money therefore as a construction manager am sure you will want to complete a project on time.

Keeping the project on track will give you a good history and also make you have the budget given for a specific project is enough.

Get Bids from Subcontractors
It might seem easier to just pick a subcontractor you’ve used before or run with the first recommendation you get. But just like you had to bid on the construction job in the first place, subcontractors should bid for you. That way, you get a more accurate idea of the budget and time frame, and you also get the most for your money. Make these people work for you and earn your business.

Monitor your construction project
Once you get the work started at a construction site, it can be sometimes tempting to relax hoping that the work is now done. This, however, can potentially derail your construction project. Follow along with everyone’s progress, assisting them when needed and rewarding them if they show extra effort towards your project.

 Employ the best construction workers
In order for you to perform you need the best team that will deliver in every section of the construction site. Therefore hiring the best team would save you from timeliness of the project.


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