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Engineering and construction firm Alsina Group in Spain launches new website

Engineering and construction firm Alsina Group in Spain has launched its new website, www.alsina.com in  a bid to serve its international audience. Currently, the contents of the page can be viewed in English or Spanish, although it is planned to include French and Portuguese languages in the coming days.

The new web page has five well differentiated sections, among which is the corporate section, with five entries dedicated to the values and mission of the company, the full service provided by Alsina, its engineering solutions, quality certificates obtained and a section dedicated to Alsitec, its technical office; a news section in which there are more than forty published news about the company in Spanish and English languages; a section dedicated to Alsina subsidiaries (18) with information on each one, a section about Alsina’s formwork systems, in which there are 65 descriptions organized by categories and, finally, a section about projects where they are collected more than 150 works in which Alsina has collaborated, distributed among nine categories, which you can also be displayed by Alsina’s products used in them.

The engineering and construction firm Alsina Group in Spain has more than 600 employees, operating in 20 markets with 25 own logistics centres to offer their services and engineering solutions in thousands of projects worldwide involving the construction of diverse structures from housing, facilities, civil works, water infrastructure and maritime projects, with its own presence in Europe, North Africa, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

With this new website Alsina seeks to present their services, products, history and values to all their international customers in a more accessible and intuitive way.



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