Sameer Africa to construct a stadium in Kenya

Sameer Africa to construct a stadium in Kenya

Sameer Africa Group is planning to construct a 26,000-seater stadium in Kenya that will encourage the development of sports in that region. The stadium will be constructed in Nandi County.

Sameer Africa which is owned by Naushad Merali signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nandi County Governor Cleopas Langat on the construction of the stadium and the investment firm pledged to add more money to the infrastructural development of the county.

According to Merali, construction of the project is expected to commence in January next year and is projected to cost US$ 0.5m.

“The construction of the 26,000-seater stadium in Kenya is expected to start in January next year and all the logistics and plans for the construction have been put in place,” said Merali.

Nandi County Governor Langat was pleased with the initiative and with the relationship with Nandi Tea Company in the development of sports in the country and thanked Nandi Tea Company for offering job opportunities and social amenities for the residents.

The Sameer Group is a leading economic force in East Africa with over thirty years experience in Kenya’s Industrial and economic development. They are improving the key infrastructure of the region by building better roads, a better communication network and empowering the communities around their agricultural facilities to better themselves. They build schools and hospitals, laying the foundation for future generations to prosper.


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