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Home Company Reviews Largest mall in East Africa to get own electricity

Largest mall in East Africa to get own electricity

The Largest mall in East Africa that is under construction in Kenya-Two Rivers mall will get its own electricity thanks to investment firm Centum that has pledged to construct solar and diesel power plants that will generate 12MW of electricity to provide power to the mall.

Centum secured a license from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to generate and supply electricity at the mixed-use commercial development that encompasses a mega shopping mall, hotel, office blocks and apartments.

Centum Chief Executive Mr. James Mworia said that the development is anticipated to produce two megawatts of solar energy and generate 10MW of diesel power in addition to tapping electricity supply from the national grid.

“We currently have three sources of power and the blended cost should meet at Kenya Power’s rates for consumers,” said Mr Mworia.

Centum was among nine other companies that received licenses from the energy regulator last year. Indian cement manufacturer Cemtech also got a license from ERC to build a 30MW coal power plant in West Pokot.

The other power generation plans that are in the pipeline include Orpower22’s 35 MW geothermal plant in Menengai basin, Sosian Energy (35 MW) and Quantum Power East Africa (35 MW) all in the same area. Construction of these projects will commence this year.

The development will be constructed in phases; the first phase of the project includes construction of a mega shopping mall whose space has been booked by first entry global firms making their emergence into Kenya.

The anchor tenant of the mall will be a French retailer, Carrefour, together with other companies like LC Wakiki which is a Turkish luxury clothing line and Virgin Active, a platinum health club founded by the English billionaire Richard Branson.

Two Rivers mall is a real estate project that is designed to host the largest shopping mall in the region. It is yet to be the largest mall in East and Central Africa, covering an area of 1.2 million square feet (excluding parking space for 3,000 vehicles) and will have 220 shops.

The development is expected to generate US$25m in annual rental income.

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