Pan Mixers boosts South African construction industry with new concrete machinery

Pan Mixers boosts South African construction industry with new concrete machinery
Pan Mixers boosts South African construction industry with new concrete machinery

Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) in collaboration with BFS GmbH will now deliver high quality machines for manufacturing prefabricated concrete products for sewage and wastewater systems to South African locals.
BFS GmbH has its headquarters in Blaubeuren in Southern Germany.

The German manufacturer has established itself as a leading technology company for concrete pipe and manhole production, as well as for other prefabricated concrete products used in civil engineering infrastructure.
Volker Nusser, area sales manager at BFS says the company has the best reputation globally as a technology leader, and can provide machines for a wide range of customer options from basic start-up to full automation.

The German manufacturer is one of various international brands represented by PMSA as part of its ‘total package’ concrete solutions, notes Quintin Booysen, sales and marketing manager at PMSA.
BFS recently exhibited its products and solutions on the PMSA stand at Bauma Conexpo Africa 2015.
For six years now, the German manufacturer has enjoyed a close working relationship with its local counterpart PMSA.

Nusser adds that they were fortunate to be able to launch their first machine in South Africa through PMSA and they have been partners since then.

With their main focus being on quality and extremely short production cycles, BFS’s Atlantic range provides for efficient manhole and pipe production. Nusser points out that these are critical criteria in the African market, where there is a backlog of essential infrastructure services.

BFS Atlantic range caters for sizes from DN 400 mm to DN 2 000 mm manhole riser or cone production up to DN 2000 mm with vibrated in-step elements.

Compaction is achieved by central vibrator with frequency control and hydraulic clamping. Short changeover times guarantee optimum machine utilization, while a program-controlled, two-cart system allows for various different demoulding methods.

Step elements, manhole rings and tapers can be inserted manually, semi-automatically or automatically into the mould unit during the production process.

The process can also be done in conjunction with, and at the same time as, inserting the steel reinforcement hoops. Reinforcement and step elements such as cast iron or rungs are then automatically cast-in-place during compaction, Nusser explains.

“Increasing automation has been and remains a key focus of continued innovation at BFS. Africa has a lot of potential despite the slowdown in the infrastructure sector and our hi-tech equipment is often seen as the forerunner of major advances in this industry,” says Nusser.


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