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Zoetic Global concludes a 20-year power purchase agreement in Ghana

Zoetic Global, a US-based project developer, has concluded a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for additional 100MW of power at the nation’s Akosombo Dam on Lake Volta in Ghana.

Ghana President John Mahama announced the signing between Zoetic and ECG, as he emphasized that his administration is comprehensive towards the approach to energy production and the key role of renewable.
President Mahama officially welcomes new developers bringing practical and impactful solutions to Ghana, he further described the power project is an ideal fit for the sustainable development platform in the country.

However, the project will involve an array of modular hydrokinetic turbines which will be deployed in the post-dam wash of the Akosombo Dam. The In-Stream Auger Turbine (IAT) technology being used is designed for high efficiency power generation from flowing water and will leverage existing infrastructure at the dam site including grid connections, access roads, and on-site maintenance buildings.

The project will be a landmark deployment in the emerging field of hydrokinetics and a significant new entry into the renewable energy sector whereby solar and wind technologies have been dominated the spotlight.

In the past 5 years, power demand in Ghana from households has more than doubled, leading to several measures by the Ghanaian government to support additional generation capacity.

Other strategic partners for the Zoetic power project include International Coil Ltd, Natural Power Concepts and JWF Industries on turbine production and preparations for the project implementation.

Nonetheless, the manufacturing of the hydrokinetic devices and components is scheduled throughout 2016 via partnerships in Pennsylvania and India, with final assembly taking place in Ghana.

Zoetic is presently negotiating Power Purchase Agreements in other nations in the Sub-Saharan Africa as interest in the renewable increases across the region.

Zoetic deploys innovative clean technologies that address the most serious challenges facing people and the planet, targeting existing hydro dams to leverage existing infrastructure to accelerate and increase energy generation by utilizing hydrokinetic turbines which capture significant energy from the outflow of hydro dams.



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