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Alsina participates in construction of railway project in Morocco

Coffrages Alsina, Alsina’s subsidiary in Morocco, began last year 2015 their collaboration in the works on railway project in Morocco-Casa Kenitra railway, in charge of the customer Constrafrica.

The project, located in the town of Mohammedia (Morocco) involves the construction of an arcaded bridge (the PK25 Bridge) for the railway, which includes four bridge spans: the two ends for the passage of pedestrians and the two central bays for the circulation of the vehicles.

For its construction, Alsina has provided its Alisply Walls formwork system, a modular formwork system designed to be handled by crane. Alisply is equipped with a reinforced galvanized steel frame and a phenolic plywood lining. The union of the panels is performed with a quick manual clamp, which allows binding and aligning the panels without needing any accessory.Alsina participates in construction of railway project in Morocco

On the other hand, Alsina has also supplied its range of multi-system solutions to safely provide access to the work area.

CoffragesAlsina, Alsina Group’s subsidiary in Morocco has been operating in the country since 2007 and has its own facilities and highly qualified technical and human resources to collaborate on a wide range of projects, such as the construction of the Casablanca Great Theater and the TetuanMartil Dam, among others.




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