2nd Annual Mixed Use Development Conference

2nd Annual Mixed Use Development Conference2nd Annual Mixed Use Development Conference2nd Annual Mixed Use Development Conference

20-22 July 2016
Venue to be confirmed, Lagos, Nigeria
Mixed use development are gaining its significance as it provides a tool for governments across Africa to boost local and international tourism in the continent, a concept for developers to reduce their risks through diversification of asset classes that can act as feeders to one another, an innovation for architects and engineers to look at new trends in designs and up-to-date technologies to be incorporated into the masterplan to create a vibrant and unique mixed use development that can enhance ROI to owners.

The Mixed Use Development conference will bring together experts and industry players to provide valuable advice and experience to offer participants the latest design, architectural updates and state-of-the-art engineering consideration that caters to rapid urbanization and high density to construct Greenfield and revitalized Brownfield. The best practices of mix used development will highlight tools, strategies and techniques that are unique to elevate development, commercial and business opportunities to make the Mixed Use Development a destination of choice that will generate sustainable economy.
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