Best ways to reduce construction equipment theft on construction sites

Best ways to reduce construction equipment theft on construction sites

No doubt that many construction managers, constructors face a major problem when it comes to construction equipment theft on the construction site.

For a while this has been a major problem which has always blown minds for managers and therefore this needs a long term solution to ensure that the problem is dealt with completely.
But, there are several steps you can take to reduce construction equipment theft. While nothing is ever guaranteed to completely prevent theft, these five tips can help you formulate good habits, enabling you to be constantly thorough and vigilant this coming year and into the future.

1. Identify security team
As you are set to start any project just like you identify people who are going to help you deliver the project on time you also need to identify a well defined security team to help you safeguard the site at the same time the equipment for the construction.

This team will need to ensure that security is guaranteed both during and after working hours. Have the proper locks in place, as well as durable chain-link fencing and even barb-wire — should you deem it necessary for your location.

2. Keep the Site Well Lit
We all know that most thieves like darkness therefore its advisable to get the site light well especially in the night.
None of your locks, alarms or fences will be very effective without backing them up with proper security lighting for your site. Lighting is an easy, low-cost investment, and it will most likely be the best deterrent for theft.
Make sure to check the lights regularly via spot inspections and routine perimeter checks.

3. Be Aware of the Latest Technologies
Today’s market has many technological advantages to offer. Keyless ignition that requires a personal identification number to start the vehicle, and real-time tracking of your equipment inventory are a couple that will help reduce construction equipment theft. These can be especially useful for any work vehicles that are left on-site or are in transit.
It is also important to know what is currently out there if you are considering purchasing any used pieces of equipment. You need to know what you will get — as well as what you won’t —and so use current technologies to seek out reliable sources when purchasing previously-owned machinery.

4. Don’t trust anyone
In most occasions the people who have been suspected to have stolen site equipment arre your employees therefore when it comes to equipment safety ensure that you only trust your security guards and not any one else.


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