Top 4 new trends in the construction management industry

Top 4 new trends in the construction management industry

As more projects rock in the African industry, more demand for housing due to increased population and more technological changes has made the construction management industry evolve.

As a construction manager it’s better to have the latest core skills as well as the future of the industry by learning about will be in high-demand in the coming decades.

Here are some important innovations to be familiar with as a student or construction manager, especially for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs or freelance workers.

• Renewable Energy:
In the latest years there is no doubt that Africa’s developing nation are currently eying on renewable energy and more of this projects are upcoming up therefore needing more construction managers to oversee and manage the entire process.
This is the usage of solar and wind power. As a construction manager, it will help to know about the various options for renewable energy sources.

• Recycled Materials:
The recycled building materials industry is booming. One way this is implemented in construction is by taking down old buildings brick by brick so that the blocks can be reused to fabricate new materials out of sawdust and polymers. Construction managers who can develop relationships with reliable “green” vendors, will be sought out as more consumers demand houses made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
Grey Water Systems:

Built in water recycling systems are not mainstream yet, but as sustainability efforts gain momentum they will become more popular. Water that goes down the sink or shower drain can then be used to flush the toilets. This allows for water to be re-purposed before being sent to a treatment plant. This is low hanging fruit as far as efficiency is concerned, and more businesses and residences will use it as time goes on.
Green technology

As the construction world shapes up to go along with technology, Green technology has not been left behind too as many managers are now getting into adapting into it.
Being new in the industry construction managers have to equip themselves towards knowing how to handle such projects.


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